About Me

I was only eight when I realized there was something different with how I saw  things. I thought all young children  could  see  future world events, past Kings and Queens

It  was only when I was older that my mother, coming from a long line of  gifted  clairvoyants, explained what was happening to me and why. Because of this, over the years, I have developed further gifts to help you see into your future In Relationships, I am able to pick up the mannerisms and vibrations of the person and can interpret what they are thinking  and  feeling.  I will tell you what I see and not, what you want to hear even if the truth hurts a little.

I am also able to pick up on health conditions very clearly. I can feel the pain, emotional turmoil,  and receive warnings on how to best deal with what is not working properly within your body. Health issues are a serious matter and I will tell you the truth of what I see.

As I approached my mid twenties, I explored my gifts further by joining the Spiritualist church which enabled me to expand even greater awareness into meta physics. I attended regressions training that helped me understand better Karmic ties and values. I also learned how to heal through the use of crystals. Later on, I trained as a Reiki Master. During this training, I found that I was able to channel spirit and would pick up the mannerisms of a specific person and validate many of their personal qualities and characteristics.

Though I had lots of confirmations I was never really confident or comfortable with it.

Spa setting with candle, salt and dried flower

I prayed for all messages to be clear, precise and accurate and to work with God’s guidance and love. The messages came strongly and powerfully guided me as to the way I was to work. They were clear and filled with guidance and the doubts in me lifted so, I came back to work in this area.

After all these experiences, I somehow felt that there was a serious conflict between my strong Christian background and the gift. I felt that I was going against God. I chose to continue into the world of Business trading but knowing deep down inside, that should I be called back to work with God, I would accept the calling.

I realized that I had been given a powerful healing energy and strong guidance from above, was working hard to prove to me that I was here to help people heal emotionally, mentally and physically. A new path then started for me.

More times than not, my work is difficult and painful as I deeply care about my clients. It is especially hard when I can clearly see a partner cheating in a relationship. My guidance allows me to connect with the clients’ vibrations, I can sense their energy and get messages from their guides and mine in order to advise them with implicable accuracy and timing.

Because of this strong gift, I have been acknowledged as the UK’s highest rated international reader. Please visit my Feedback on this site or on Keen to see what my clients say.

The evidence of the accuracy of my readings is usually proven within the same week or in the predicted time frame. I give names and evidence of conversations past, present and future. I even surprise myself by the level of information given to me by my helpers.